World of Tanks Generals

World of Tanks Generals is a free-to-play, turn-based collectible card game featuring epic World War II warfare. With numerous cards available, each battle turns into an intense combination of sudden strikes, massive onslaughts and cunning tactical trickery in highly dynamic 1-on-1 online combat. Select an HQ, choose your cards wisely, and crush your opponents in a tactical battle!

Rock-Paper-Scissors Gameplay

Construct a deck from hundreds of unique cards and crush your enemies! Decks are split between three factions (USA, Germany and USSR) and include HQs, five vehicle types, orders and squads, plus bonus cards that grant additional firepower or defenses, adding an extra dimension of strategy!

Part of the Universe

World of Tanks Generals features a research system for unlocking new technology and unit cards that should be familiar to players of World of Tanks or World of Warships! The single ID account will give you instant access to other game titles, including World of Tanks and World of Warships.

Download Now!

World of Tanks Generals is available now for iPad or any PC with a compatible web browser!